It was a very exciting project and so close to me because of the concept and the philosophy behind it.
Jutta is a yoga instructor and she needed photos for her upcoming treatment service, energy healing: https://www.sieluolemus.fi/

Nature – Ethereal – Energy – Inner strength

We did this session last year at seaside of Lauttasaari, where wonderful view and perfect light conditions welcomed us. Jutta’s friends joined to the photoshoot to provide some help, Elsa and professional make up&hair artist Krista, who did a beautiful natural make up.

Model: Jutta Niala – https://www.sieluolemus.fi/
IG @joogaolemus FB Joogaolemus

MUAH and assistant: Krista Stenberg
IG @Kristagbf FB Krista Stenberg – Girl’s Best Friend

Second assistant: Elsa

Photography and ideas: Andi Balogh – Arché
IG @archephoto  FB: @archephotos




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